LEGGO outdoor furniture was born in 2017 out of desperation when I was faced with an outside table that deteriorated when it got wet during a night of rain and the pressed wood top started to swell. I replaced the damaged top with FRP grating that I bought some years ago and it proved to be a winning table. The FRP table top required a lot less cleaning than a conventional solid table and it withstood all adverse weather conditions. I also found out at a later stage that the table turned out to be self leveling.

Following the success of the table top I started to think about other applications for FRP grating and soon found numerous other uses and thereafter started to make items like knife and fork holders and alcohol shooter trays. I had numerous comments from patrons on the FRP items.

Why Leggo Furniture?

  • Durable
  • Rust Free
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High UV Resistance
  • Low Maintenance

Soon I faced another challenge – having a bar with uncomfortable chairs I attempted an all FRP grating bar chair which was very comfortable but it lacked stability. The stability issues were overcome by using steel legs and variable height FRP footrests but my idea of building rust and maintenance free furniture was almost nullified by using steel. Even though the steel legs are powder-coated, it would still rust. Some more options were to be explored as my ideal is to manufacture rust and maintenance free outdoor furniture that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

By this time I realised that FRP grating has huge potential and I employed a person to assist me in developing the LEGGO range of products. I also rented premises, bought some basic machinery and started experimenting on manufacturing furniture items such as tables, chairs and benches with powder-coated steel legs. Soon other products followed and the LEGGO range expanded and included coffee tables, condiment holders, door mats, hot pot stands and other items.

Then it happened…. I came back from Cape Town after buying supplies and my employee had built a park bench… an ALL FRP grating park bench…. legs, armrests and all…. ALL FRP…. FANTASTIC!!!  I was very happy as we now were a step closer to manufacturing rust and maintenance free outdoor furniture. The park bench is now the property of my employee…..

Another obstacle to overcome was securing FRP to FRP at right angles. After discussions, experimenting with different products, methods, etc, we found a way around the problem, and it is now in line with our vision of rust and maintenance free outdoor furniture.